Financing and Rebate Programs


Financing and Rebate Programs

There are many programs available that may help fund your Mobility Equipment or Van Conversion. Below is a partial list of programs and agencies that you may find helpful.


INDATA provides low-interest extended rate financial loans to qualified individuals through the Alternative Financing Program (AFP). AFP loans are for assistive technology devices including, but not limited to hearing aids, augmentative communication devices, Braille equipment, computers, and environmental control units.

Ralph Braun Foundation

The Ralph Braun Foundation was created for a simple purpose: to assist those with mobility needs through education, information and product acquisition.

Access & Mobility Finance

Specializes in financing mobility vehicles with extended term financing.

Brandl Mobility Finance Services
Brandl Mobility Services specializes in the financing of vehicles modified to accomodate special needs.

Independent Living Centers
In certain instances, grant money may be available for Adaptive Equipment. See for more information.

Insurance Companies
In most cases, Health Insurance will NOT pay for Adaptive Equipment. However, there may be cases where a Worker's Compensation claim may fund Adaptive Equipment purchases.

Knights of Columbus
Occasionally, some branches may have funds available to assist with Adaptive Equipment. See form more information.

Only after a client is on the Medicaid Waiver list, Medicaid may pay for Adaptive Equipment. Each state administers this program differently. We participate in this program in the state of Indiana. Visit Indiana Medicaid at

Manufacturers Rebates
At various times, certain vehicle manufacturers will offer new vehicle rebates. We always have the most current information available regarding rebates on the vehicles we supply.

Mobility Rebates
The following are Mobility Assistance Programs offered by various vehicle manufacturers. It is critical that you verify whether your vehicle can be modified for your use prior to purchasing. Please contact Mobility Solutions BEFORE purchasing a vehicle from your local dealership. We can work directly with you and your dealer to ensure that you have the proper vehicle at the lowest overall cost.

Acura Client Mobility Assistance Program
(800) 382-2238

Chrysler Automobility Program Headquarters
(800) 255-9877

Ford Mobility Motoring Program
(800) 952-2248

GM Mobility Program
US: (800) 323-9935
Canada: (800) 463-7483

Honda Customer Mobility Assistance Program
(800) 999-1009

Lexus Customer Satisfaction
(800) 255-3987

Toyota Mobility Assistance Center
(800) 331-4331

Volkswagen Mobility Access

Veterans Administration
If you are a Disabled Veteran, you may be entitled to benefits that will help fund Adaptive Equipment. Please contact your local Veteran's Administration office for details. Here are some links that you may find useful:

Disabled American Veterans
Building Better Lives for Disabled American Veterans and Their Families.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America
A congressionally chartered veterans service organization founded in 1946, has developed a unique expertise on a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of our members-veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction.

US Department of Veterans Affairs
Our goal is to provide excellence in patient care, veterans' benefits and customer satisfaction. Our department's employees continue to offer their dedication and commitment to help veterans get the services they have earned. Our nation's veterans deserve no less.

VA Enrollment Form
Application for Health Benefits

VA Spina Bifida Benefits
The VA provides monetary allowances, vocational training and VA-financed health care benefits to the children of Vietnam veterans diagnosed with Spina Bifida.

Veterans Health Administration
This web site contains information regarding VHA-wide policies, procedures, requirements and other information of general applicability.

Vocational Rehabilitation
Each state has a Vocational Rehabilitation Division. This is an excellent program that may help fund your Adaptive Equipment or Van Conversion in order to insure that you have transportation to school or work. We work closely with all Vocational Rehabilitation offices in our area. The national Vocational Rehabilitation office is, the Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation office is